Climate Change Will Drive the Largest Refugee Crisis in History

Watch the video analysis here: When the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended, the world held its breath in anticipation as humanity entered a new era that promised a peace we had not known in history. Francis Fukuyama named this period “the end of history”. The end of a history of war, inequality, […]

Climate Change, Animal Farming and World Hunger: how changing our animal-based diets can combat the ecological and food crisis

Every day two billion people wake up in the morning to food insecurity. The lungs of our planet are breathing fire, as the Amazon rainforest’s oxygen and biodiversity are being reduced to dust. Globalization, far from resulting in progress and reducing suffering and inequality in the world, is actually leading to greater disparities in wealth […]

Fast Fashion: Blood Garments and Climate Change

In 2013, the Bangladeshi factory of Rana Plaza collapsed, killing 1,134 textile workers who had begged not to be sent inside. The day before, the workers had spotted large cracks growing like vines up the building’s walls. They had reported it to management. But the high time pressures in the fashion supply chain would not […]