I’m Carlota. I’m half Spanish, half English and I live in London. I’m pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Rights at the London School of Economics. I care about international development, climate change, gender, sustainability, human and animal rights.

I studied International Relations and Journalism in Madrid, my hometown, and during my studies I worked as an intern in the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the European Parliament.

I’m currently deconstructing all of these experiences I have had within the institutional sector, as I become more aware of the intersection of acute inequalities. This is why I am trying to create and nurture this little project.

If you found Green Human Rights, I hope that it speaks to you in some way and teaches you something new about these ideas I’m developing in the field of human rights.

I hope that it makes you question the notions that are socially ingrained in us, the practices we legitimize and the power we have to demand sustainable politics and live more ethically. I hope that it inspires you to write and to create.

PS: When I’m not writing about the environment, I can usually be found drinking copious amounts of tea and making indie music. If you’re still curious you can listen to my single Liquid Lullabies on Spotify or Youtube.

Carlota Nunez